All the Promises of the Bible

All the Promises of the Bible Author Herbert Lockyer
ISBN-10 9780310537571
Release 2017-06-06
Pages 352
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Promises You Can Stand On Through Thick and Thin The Bible is filled with hundreds of what the apostle Peter called "exceeding great and precious promises": definite, explicit declarations God has made that you can count on. In All the Promises of the Bible, Dr. Herbert Lockyer discusses the nature of God’s promises - their substance, simplicity, surety, source, security, scope. Lockyer’s in-depth look at the scope of God’s promises arranges them in categories that cover the full array of human concerns, from the spiritual to the material and the corporate to the personal. As you come to understand God’s promises and how they apply to every aspect of your life, you’ll gain a trust in God that will sustain you through the worst of times and be your source of rejoicing in the best. X

Promises to Keep

Promises to Keep Author Joe Biden
ISBN-10 1588366650
Release 2007-07-31
Pages 400
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“Nearly forty years after I first got involved, I remain captivated by the possibilities of politics and public service. In fact, I believe that my chosen profession is a noble calling. That’s why I wanted to be a part of it.” –Joe Biden As a United States senator from Delaware since 1973, Joe Biden has been an intimate witness to the major events of the past four decades and a relentless actor in trying to shape recent American history. He has seen up close the tragic mistake of the Vietnam War, the Watergate and Iran-contra scandals, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of Germany, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, a presidential impeachment, a presidential resignation, and a presidential election decided by the Supreme Court. He’s observed Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and two Bushes wrestling with the presidency; he’s traveled to war zones in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and seen firsthand the devastation of genocide. He played a vital role by standing up to Ronald Reagan’s effort to seat Judge Robert Bork on the Supreme Court, fighting for legislation that protects women against domestic violence, and galvanizing America’s response (and the world’s) to Slobodan Milosevic’s genocidal march in the Balkans. In Promises to Keep, Biden reveals what these experiences taught him about himself, his colleagues, and the institutions of government. With his customary candor, Biden movingly recounts growing up in a staunchly Catholic multigenerational household in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Wilmington, Delaware; overcoming a demoralizing stutter; marriage, fatherhood, and the tragic death of his wife Neilia and infant daughter Naomi; remarriage and re-forming a family with his second wife, Jill; success and failure in the Senate and on the campaign trail; two life-threatening aneurysms; his relations with fellow lawmakers on both sides of the aisle; and his leadership of powerful Senate committees. Through these and other recollections, Biden shows us how the guiding principles he learned early in life–the obligation to work to make people’s lives better, to honor family and faith, to get up and do the right thing no matter how hard you’ve been knocked down, to be honest and straightforward, and, above all, to keep your promises–are the foundations on which he has based his life’s work as husband, father, and public servant. Promises to Keep is the story of a man who faced down personal challenges and tragedy to become one of our most effective leaders. It is also an intimate series of reflections from a public servant who refuses to be cynical about political leadership, and a testament to the promise of the United States. From the Hardcover edition.

Promises to keep

Promises to keep Author Robert Frost
ISBN-10 9783406627781
Release 2016-08-19
Pages 160
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Die Gedichte Robert Frosts (1874–1963) gehören nicht nur zum festen Bestand amerikanischer Lyrik der Moderne, sie haben ihren Platz in der Weltliteratur gefunden. Der vorliegende Band macht den deutschen Lesern die bekanntesten, die kanonisch gewordenen Gedichte von Robert Frost zugänglich wie "Rast am Wald an einem verschneiten Tag" oder "Der nicht genommene Weg". Frost hat sich um einen natürlichen, organischen Sprachfluss bemüht und sich zugleich stets dem freien Vers widersetzt, die Gedichte suchen die Nähe zur gesprochenen Sprache und halten doch an der Besonderheit dichterischer Sprache fest. Die Natur, die äußere und die innere des Menschen, hat Frost fasziniert, der als Farmer gleichzeitig einen unsentimentalen Blick auf sie hatte. Aber auch die menschliche Natur zeigt sich in allen ihren Feinheiten und Brüchen, so Frost, besonders dem Dichter. So ist seine Lyrik in ihrer klassischen Schönheit auch eine Begegnung mit uns selbst.

Promises I Can Keep

Promises I Can Keep Author Kathryn Edin
ISBN-10 9780520271463
Release 2011-09
Pages 293
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Over a span of five years, [the authors] talked in-depth with 162 low-income single moms ... to learn how they think about marriage and family. [This book] offers an intimate look at what marriage and motherhood mean to these women and provides [an] extensive on-the-ground study ... of why they put children before marriage despite the daunting challenges they know lie ahead.. [This book] argues that until poor young women and men have greater access to jobs that lead to financial security - that is, until they can hope for a rewarding life outside of bearing and raising children - they will continue to have children far sooner than most Americans think they should, and in less than ideal circumstances.--

Promises Promises

Promises Promises Author Mike Clear
ISBN-10 1862873747
Release 2000
Pages 208
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The past quarter century has seen the Australian community and its governments commit to a full and equal citizenship for disabled people. Has the promise been fulfilled? How effective have these changes been? Mike Clear focuses on NSW to find answers and engage their meanings personally and socially. He brings together research, analysis and the insights of disabled writers in a detailed and critical study, structured around three Parts: personal dialogues that provide sensitive insights into personal experiences and the nature of a disabling society; chapters describing and critically appraising the policy and legislative landscape; and four critical perspectives on key relevant social issues: access, telecommunications, cultural representation and the politics of care. He finds there have been important gains, based largely on human rights initiatives and the efforts and skill of disabled people themselves. However, the inclusion of disabled people is carefully managed by governments. It is 'turned on' and 'turned off' as ideology and policy priorities dictate. Do these gains reflect a promise kept? Not while the systemic alienation of people who have impairment and often, if less directly, of their associates continues. And not, as this book reveals, whilst Australian economic, social and cultural systems remain so fundamentally unchanged.


Promises Author Belva Plain
ISBN-10 9780307789464
Release 2011-03-09
Pages 464
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With her three children, beautiful home, and loving husband, Margaret Crane is a woman others would envy. Adam's job has cushioned them nicely over the years, and it should be a time of contentment, rewards, of new challenges together. But lately Adam has been working too late, too hard, at the office. Margaret is sure it's just the rumored takeover of his company--until she meets Randi, The Other Woman... Meanwhile, Nina, the orphaned cousin the Cranes raised as their own daughter, is reveling in New York. She thinks she's found Mr. Right in Keith, a brilliant investment banker. But Keith has a secret he has not shared with Nina. All he asks for is time...and patience. And as Nina clings to stolen weekends with Keith, Margaret plays dutiful wife, trying to ignore warning signs of her own failing marriage. A rift has developed between the two women who have loved each other as mother, daughter, friends. Keith is not welcome in Margaret's home. And Nina herself is the other woman... From the Paperback edition.

A Pocketful of Promises

A Pocketful of Promises Author
ISBN-10 1562921665
Release 2004
Pages 192
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This book is filled with heartfelt letters from God that will help readers discover God's will for their life through His letters and promises. These scriptures will inspire readers to trust Him with every challenge they are facing. Over 100 topics, subtopics and real-life issues communicate God's assurance that He is there to meet the reader's every need.

The Promise Keepers

The Promise Keepers Author Bryan W. Brickner
ISBN-10 0739100599
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 136
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This informative book explores the ideological practices that construct the Promise Keepers movement, while investigating the fundamentals of the Promise Keepers' belief system. Based upon non-participant observations of events as well as in-depth interviews, The Promise Keepers: Politics and Promises studies the movement from the inside, providing a better understanding of this evangelical phenomenon. Examining the group from its modest beginning in 1990 of seventy men joining together in prayer, Bryan Brickner discusses the meaning of the movement in a social context. This book will be invaluable to scholars of religion, gender studies, and political theory.

Promises to Keep

Promises to Keep Author William W. Fisher, III
ISBN-10 9780804763264
Release 2004
Pages 352
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During the past fifteen years, changes in technology have generated an extraordinary array of new ways in which music and movies can be produced and distributed. Both the creators and the consumers of entertainment products stand to benefit enormously from the new systems. Sadly, we have failed thus far to avail ourselves of these opportunities. Instead, much energy has been devoted to interpreting or changing legal rules in hopes of defending older business models against the threats posed by the new technologies. These efforts to plug the multiplying holes in the legal dikes are failing and the entertainment industry has fallen into crisis. This provocative book chronicles how we got into this mess and presents three alternative proposals--each involving a combination of legal reforms and new business models--for how we could get out of it.

European Union

European Union Author Anca Pusca
ISBN-10 0972054154
Release 2004
Pages 422
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This book brings together articles discussing controversial questions raised by European Enlargement towards Eastern Europe, Cyprus and Turkey. The author focuses on each of the applicant countries and their views on questions surrounding enlargement, relying on up to date source documents and speeches relevant to these issues. The first section of the book presents points of view from each of the applicant countries with regard to specific problems of European Enlargement, grouped under sections dealing with issues of democratic representation and citizenship rights, social, political and economic impacts of the acquis communautaire requirements, as well as convergence of the current European Union policies--such as the Common Agricultural Policy--to meet to needs of the applicant countries. The second part of the book offers documents including relevant European Union treaties and speeches that represent the European Union stance on these issues. There is a glossary of key terminology.

Promises Broken

Promises Broken Author Ginger Suzanne Frost
ISBN-10 0813916100
Release 1995
Pages 241
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Promises to the Dead

Promises to the Dead Author Mary Downing Hahn
ISBN-10 0547258380
Release 2009-08-01
Pages 202
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Twelve-year-old Jesse leaves his home on Maryland's Eastern Shore to help a young runaway slave find a safe haven in the early days of the Civil War.

Promises to a Stallion

Promises to a Stallion Author Deborah Fletcher Mello
ISBN-10 9781426864643
Release 2010-08-01
Pages 224
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Just jilted by her overseas fiancé, Tierra Brady isn't looking to be hurt again. But she has to admit: the rugged, caring soldier who delivers the Dear Tierra letter is taking the sting out of her recent heartbreak. Before she knows it, the dashing Sergeant Travis Stallion has completely swept her off her feet in a whirlwind romance. On leave for thirty days, the last thing Travis wants is to be the bearer of bad news. But the more he tries to comfort Tierra, the deeper he falls for the proud, love-wary beauty. So the smitten military man maps out a campaign of seduction to persuade Tierra to take that fateful walk down the aisle…with him. But is she ready for a lifetime of passion with her loving Stallion?

Promises from GOD S WORD

Promises from GOD S WORD Author
ISBN-10 9781441236784
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 352
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Every Promise to Believers Recorded in Scripture When believers need a verse to lift them up or seek a biblical answer to a question, Promises from GOD'S WORD can help them find it. It lists every promise to believers that is recorded in Scripture, providing the assurance of God's faithfulness when readers are looking for strength and comfort. This affordable, pocket-sized book of promises features clear, understandable verses from GOD'S WORD Translation. It is a treasure trove of guidance for daily challenges and covers topics such as peace, direction, wisdom, healing, perspective, prayer, faith, courage, and forgiveness. This collection of more than 2,000 promises from Scripture is organized by topic for easy reference.

A Pocketful of Promises for Women

A Pocketful of Promises for Women Author Cook David C
ISBN-10 1562921622
Release 2004-02-01
Pages 192
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Women today wear countless "hats." Many run from work (whether at home or office) to the soccer fields, music lessons, church, and to other activities for themselves and others. If that weren't enough, life's challenges can hit at the worst possible times. At that point - and all points in between - there's A Pocket Full of Promises for Women. In addition to God's promises found in the Scriptures, this book also contains letters of hope written to women based on God's character revealed in His Word. Women will find God an encouraging friend, comforter and the One they can count on to always be there.

Promises and Agreements

Promises and Agreements Author Hanoch Sheinman
ISBN-10 0199703272
Release 2011-01-24
Pages 424
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Promises and agreements are everywhere; we make, receive, keep, and break them on a daily basis. The quest to understand these social practices is integral to understanding ourselves as social creatures. The study of promises and agreements is enjoying a renaissance in many areas of social philosophy, including philosophy of language, action theory, normative ethics, value theory, and legal philosophy. This volume is the first collection of philosophical papers on promises and agreements, bringing together sixteen original self-standing contributions to the philosophical literature. The contributors highlight some of the more interesting aspects of the ubiquitous social phenomena of promises and agreements from different philosophical perspectives.

Faustus and the Promises of the New Science C 1580 1730

Faustus and the Promises of the New Science  C  1580 1730 Author Christa Knellwolf King
ISBN-10 0754661334
Release 2008
Pages 208
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Having identified the literary origins of the Faustus legend in the late sixteenth-century German Faust Book and its English translation, this book argues that the Faustus typology emerged as a vehicle for discussing morality and beliefs. This study examines a broad spectrum of transformations of the thematic core of the legend, concentrating on Marlowe's play, Milton's and Fontenelle's responses to seventeenth-century science, Mountfort's farcical Faustus play and early eighteenth-century harlequinades.