Here There are Tigers

Here There are Tigers Author Reginald Hathorn
ISBN-10 9780811741484
Release 2008-01-24
Pages 272
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In-the-cockpit perspective on aerial warfare during the Vietnam War. Many never-before-heard stories--some of them tragic, others humorous.

Here There Be Tigers

Here There Be Tigers Author Kat Simons
ISBN-10 131024832X
Release 2014
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She shouldn't exist.When Nila De Luca finds out she's the impossible offspring of a human father and a tiger shifter mother, she knows her life will never be the same. She refuses to be a pawn in tiger politics or to have her future dictated by other people's agendas. But before she can settle into her new life, she has to survive the vicious attacks of her mother's mate and the covetous grab of a crazy tiger determined to use her for his own purposes. Her only ally is a sexy tiger shifter, a man she wants more than any other before, and with a passion that calls to her animal side.He can't have her.Mitch Chernikov knows exactly how important Nila is to his people. She represents hope for their continued survival. His sole job is to keep her alive so she can fulfill that promise. He knows he won't be allowed to keep her for himself. That knowledge doesn't stop him from wanting her. Or from answering the passion that burns so fiercely between them. But to keep her, he'll have to fight for her. And it will be a fight to the death.

The Badax Tigers

The Badax Tigers Author Thomas P. Nanzig
ISBN-10 9780742571112
Release 2007-11-09
Pages 384
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When the Badax County Tigers left the small town of Viroqua, Wisconsin, in the autumn of 1861, they had little notion of what military service would demand of them. The Badax Tigers were as common a company in as common a regiment as may be found in the annals of the Civil War. They marched, camped, and fought their way through four years of service with their fair share of battle honors and few blemishes to mar their record. They rallied at Shiloh, stood firm at Corinth, laid siege to Vicksburg, rescued Chattanooga, and saved Allatoona. In short, they represented the backbone of the Federal volunteer army from 1861 to 1865. When the original Tigers returned to Viroqua at the close of the war, they numbered only fourteen men out of the more than 100 recruits who had been mustered into service. This intimate unit history of the Badax Tigers chronicles the experiences of Company C of the 18th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry during the entire Civil War as seen through the eyes of Private Thomas Jefferson Davis. Davis's letters provide an extraordinarily complete picture of a typical Federal volunteer company in the Civil War. Supplemented by newspaper articles and the letters of some soldiers that were written and intended for publication in local newspapers, The Badax Tigers is a detailed and comprehensive portrait of the Civil War from the perspective of the average soldier.

If These Walls Could Talk Clemson Tigers

If These Walls Could Talk  Clemson Tigers Author Sam Blackman
ISBN-10 9781633196896
Release 2016-08-15
Pages 320
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Chronicling the Clemson Tigers from the national championship in 1981 to the college football playoff in 2015, the authors provide insight into the Tigers' inner sanctum as only members of the Clemson athletic department can. Whether you're a fan from the Danny Ford era or a new supporter of Dabo Swinney, this book is the perfect read for anyone who bleeds orange and regalia.

Irish Rebels Confederate Tigers A History Of The 6th

Irish Rebels  Confederate Tigers  A History Of The 6th    Author
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Irish Rebels Confederate Tigers A History Of The 6th has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Irish Rebels Confederate Tigers A History Of The 6th also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Irish Rebels Confederate Tigers A History Of The 6th book for free.

Tigers of Wrath

Tigers of Wrath Author Vivek Iyer
ISBN-10 9780955062810
Release 2007
Pages 200
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Tigers of Wrath has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Tigers of Wrath also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Tigers of Wrath book for free.


ISBN-10 146345869X
Release 2005-02-14
Pages 352
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With the cessation of the Indian Wars, Silas Magby believed that Western Kentucky would be safe for his wife and children. But then the Harpes came—two mysterious brothers, Micajah and Wiley, with three devoted women followers, leaving a wake of ghoulish and seemingly motiveless murders—men, women, children, infants, bludgeoned, stabbed, shot, or set on fire. Earlier Magby had participated in a fruitless attempt to capture the brothers, but word comes that they are seeking him to enact retaliation. Now Magby must somehow stop the brothers before they can kill his wife and children. Although fiction, A Wilderness of Tigers based upon one of the earliest recorded serial killer rampages. In the 1790’s roughly 35 persons were murdered by the Harpe brothers. Kenneth Tucker has woven a haunting story whose characters linger beyond a final page of history or text." Katherine C. Kurk, Kentucky Philological Review "Tucker tells a fascinating story of these evil doers... It's an interesting part of our history..." Jesse Stuart Foundation. "Tucker effectively uses dialogue and and clear, graphic details to bring to light a sad chapter in Kentucky's history." Steve Flairty, Kentucky Monthly About The Author

100 Things Tigers Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die

100 Things Tigers Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die Author Terry Foster
ISBN-10 9781623682507
Release 2013-04-01
Pages 240
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One of the most storied and fascinating histories in all of Major League Baseball, the Detroit Tigers--an American League charter franchise in 1901--have survived some of the most intense highs and lows of any team in professional sports, and this lively and detailed book explores it all. This guide to all things Tigers covers the 1984 World Series championship and the riots it sparked; controversial "Georgia Peach" Ty Cobb; and crucial information such as important dates, player nicknames, memorable moments, singular achievements, and signature calls. This fully updated edition, which includes details on the Tigers' exciting 2011 playoff run and Miguel Cabrera's historic season as well as the Tigers' acquisition of Prince Fielder, guides fans on numerous of activities to help them celebrate their team in new and deeper ways.

The Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics

The Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics Author
ISBN-10 9781439103340
Release 2014-12-16
Pages 512
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Celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the most popular and enduring band ever: “Even the most hardcore Deadheads will be impressed by this obsessively complete look at the Grateful Dead’s lyrics” (Publishers Weekly). The Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics is an authoritative text, providing standard versions of all the original songs you thought you knew forwards and backwards. These are some of the best-loved songs in the modern American songbook. They are hummed and spoken among thousands as counterculture code and recorded by musicians of all stripes for their inimitable singability and obscure accessibility. How do they do all this? To provide a context for this formidable body of work, of which his part is primary, Robert Hunter has written a foreword that goes to the heart of the matter. And the annotations on sources provide a gloss on the lyrics, which goes to the roots of Western culture as they are incorporated into them. An avid Grateful Dead concertgoer for more than two decades, David Dodd is a librarian who brings to the work a detective’s love of following a clue as far as it will take him. Including essays by Dead lyricists Robert Hunter and John Perry and Jim Carpenter’s original illustrations, whimsical elements in the lyrics are brought to light, showcasing the American legend that is present in so many songs. A gorgeous keepsake edition of the Dead’s official annotated lyrics, The Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics is an absolute must-have for the fiftieth anniversary—you won’t think of this cultural icon the same way again. In fact, founding band member Bob Weir said: “This book is great. Now I’ll never have to explain myself.”

Rusty Goes to London

Rusty Goes to London Author Ruskin Bond
ISBN-10 0143335952
Release 2004
Pages 239
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Rusty Travels Abroad To Fulfil His Dream Of Becoming A Writer Rusty Goes To London Is The Fourth Book In Puffin'S New Series Of The Complete Escapades Of Rusty; This Is The First Time That All The Rusty Stories Are Available In Chronological Order. In His Early Twenties Now, Rusty Finally Severs Ties With Dehra And Books A Passage To England, With The Dream Of Writing And Selling His Novel Abroad. First In His Aunt'S House In Jersey, And Then In Rented Lodgings In London, He Works As A Clerk By Day And Writes Away In The Evenings. Eventually The Novel Is Finished And Rusty Even Finds A Publisher. But This, He Discovers, Does Not Mean That His Book Will See The Light Of Day Soon ... While In London, Rusty Has Myriad Adventures, Each More Incredible Than The Last. Strolling Down Baker Street, He Runs Into Sherlock Holmes, Who Gives Him A Few Lessons In Investigative Techniques. At The Victoria And Albert Museum, He Is Accosted By Rudyard Kipling. And Then, Of Course, There Is The Strange Incident At The Chinese Quarter, The Calypso Christmas In His Lodgings, And The Story Of The Vietnamese Girl Vu-Phuong. After Three Years Abroad, However, Rusty Realizes That He Wants To Make India His Permanent Home; All He Really Needs Is A Room Of His Own To Live And Write In, As The Vibrant World That He Has Known And Loved All Along Unfolds Outside. Returning To Dehra, He Renews Some Acquaintances And Makes A Few New Ones, And Settles Into His Role As Full-Time Author. Full Of Interesting Stories And Memorable Characters, Rusty Goes To London Is A Book That Will Delight All Of Ruskin Bond'S Young Fans.

Saving Emblem City

Saving Emblem City Author Hannah C. Schuessler
ISBN-10 9781499067002
Release 2014-08-29
Pages 272
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Imagine things, once perfect, turning horribly wrong. This is the exact same thing that happened to fifteen-year-old Stacey Williams. Sure, she may be just like any other high school freshman. But she knows about something no one else would even think was real. But it's very real to Stacey. She is let in on something that could not only devastate tons of people, but it could also destroy an entire city. On the night she receives the note from Emblem City, it is the night her life begins to change. No one, not even Stacey, knows what could happen. But she will have to face challenges and take risks. for her, life is but a challenge. Things just aren't the same anymore. Only she knows the truth.

Panzergrenadier Aces

Panzergrenadier Aces Author Franz Kurowski
ISBN-10 9780811743488
Release 2010-07-16
Pages 400
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Exciting stories of the infantrymen who supported Germany's tanks. How tanks and infantry cooperated at the small-unit level. First time in English.

Cavalry Raids of the Civil War

Cavalry Raids of the Civil War Author Robert W. Black
ISBN-10 9780811741477
Release 2004-09-16
Pages 288
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Covers raids from J. E. B. Stuart's 1862 ride around McClellan's army to James Wilson's crashing raids in Alabama and Georgia in 1865.

Dive Bomber

Dive Bomber Author Peter C. Smith
ISBN-10 9780811748421
Release 2008-03-10
Pages 368
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Details on planes like the German Stuka, the American Dauntless, the Japanese Aichi D3A1 "Val," the Soviet PE-2, and numerous others. Riveting accounts of aerial combat. Includes maps, diagrams, tables, and photos.

Land With No Sun

Land With No Sun Author Ted G. Arthurs
ISBN-10 9780811741491
Release 2006-07-20
Pages 400
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A no-holds-barred, straight-in-your-face account of combat in Vietnam.

Panzer Commanders of the Western Front

Panzer Commanders of the Western Front Author Samuel W. Mitcham Jr.
ISBN-10 9780811749220
Release 2008-06-13
Pages 272
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Detailed biographies of 5 panzer commanders. Describes what it's like to lead tank units in battle. Includes D-Day, Normandy, the campaign for France, the Battle of the Bulge, and the final battles in Germany.

The Great Ships

The Great Ships Author Peter C. Smith
ISBN-10 9780811749350
Release 2008-08-04
Pages 448
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Authoritative study of the battleship in World War II. Stirring episodes of naval combat. Covers the famous chase after the Bismarck, the sinking of the Scharnhorst, the coastal bombardments on D-Day, and other actions.