The First Book of Moses Called Genesis

The First Book of Moses  Called Genesis Author
ISBN-10 0802136109
Release 1999
Pages 126
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The publication of the King James version of the Bible, translated between 1603 and 1611, coincided with an extraordinary flowering of English literature and is universally acknowledged as the greatest influence on English-language literature in history. Now, world-class literary writers introduce the book of the King James Bible in a series of beautifully designed, small-format volumes. The introducers' passionate, provocative, and personal engagements with the spirituality and the language of the text make the Bible come alive as a stunning work of literature and remind us of its overwhelming contemporary relevance.


Genesis Author Walter Brueggemann
ISBN-10 9781611642889
Release 2010-01-25
Pages 400
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In his clear and readable, style Walter Brueggemann presents Genesis as a single book set within the context of the whole of biblical revelation. He sees his task as bringing the text close to the faith and ministry of the church. He interprets Genesis as a proclamation of God's decisive dealing with creation rather than as history of myth. Brueggemann's impressive perspective illuminates the study of the first book of the Bible. Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching is a distinctive resource for those who interpret the Bible in the church. Planned and written specifically for teaching and preaching needs, this critically acclaimed biblical commentary is a major contribution to scholarship and ministry.


Genesis Author Robert Alter
ISBN-10 039331670X
Release 1997
Pages 324
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A new translation of the first book of the Bible honors meanings and literary strategies of the ancient Hebrew language, while bringing the stories together in a narrative format that makes it read more like a fully integrated book


Genesis Author James McKeown
ISBN-10 9780802827050
Release 2008-03-03
Pages 398
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Introduction to Genesis -- Commentary on Genesis -- Theological horizons of Genesis -- Theological message of the Book -- Main unifying themes -- Descendants -- Blessing -- Land -- Key theological teaching of Genesis -- The theology of land -- The doctrine of creation -- Creatio ex nihilo -- The fall -- The character of God -- The image of God -- The life of faith -- Genesis and theology today -- Genesis and science -- Mission -- Ecology -- Feminist approaches -- Genesis and biblical theology -- Genesis in canonical context -- Genesis in the Historical Books -- Wisdom literature -- Thematic continuity in the Prophets -- New Testament -- Conclusion.


Genesis Author Celia Brewer Marshall
ISBN-10 0664229670
Release 2005-02-15
Pages 104
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Originally published: Louisville, Ky.: Geneva Press, 1999.


Genesis Author Rudolf Steiner
ISBN-10 9781855841024
Release 2002
Pages 192
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How was the World Created? From a direct spiritual perception of the facts, Rudolf Steiner presents a new perspective that transcends the bipolar arguments of both the creationists and the scientific reductionist. He affirms that clairvoyant research accords with the biblical descriptions, but he emphasizes that the text of Genesis has to be interpreted in a special way.In this extraordinary document, Steiner speaks of the six days of creation as a reawakening of the previous phases of the Earth's development. He describes the work of spiritual hierarchies in the creation of Earth and clarifies the relationship of the Elohim and the biblical Jehovah. In addition, Steiner discusses themes of light and darkness, the meaning of Adam and Eve, the day of rest on the seventh day, the stages of human development on Earth, and the special character of the Hebrew language. Also featured in this new edition is a previously unpublished introductory lecture on the meaning of mystery drama.


Genesis Author Bruce Bickel
ISBN-10 9780736907934
Release 2003
Pages 151
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The Bible starts with a bang. In the first few chapters it addresses life's most important questions. What is God like? Why am I here? How did it all begin? Where is it all going? This practical study provides: an overview of Genesis and its themes; everyday applications of the truths of Genesis; insightful explanations of creation, the origin of evil, and God's rescue plan; helpful answers to frequently asked questions; open-ended questions for group discussion or individual study. Genesis includes some of the Bible's most fascinating stories, colorful characters, and dramatic narratives. But more than that, Genesis also provides God's answers to life's ultimate questions. Book jacket.


Genesis Author Laurence A. Turner
ISBN-10 9781906055653
Release 2009
Pages 234
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Working from the conviction that Genesis can be read as a coherent whole, this commentary foregrounds the sophistication of Hebrew narrative art, in particular its depiction of plot and character, and the interpretative possibilities raised by its intertextuality. Apparently simple and independent episodes emerge as complex and interconnected, constantly challenging readers to readjust their assessments of characters and expectations of plot development. Approaching the text predominantly from the perspective of a 'first-time reader', this commentary underscores the narrative's surprises, ironies and innovations.


Genesis Author Michel Serres
ISBN-10 0472084356
Release 1997-06
Pages 142
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A lyrical, breathtaking exploration of the chaos and multiplicity that underlie imposed conventions of order


Genesis Author Gerhard Von Rad
ISBN-10 9780664227456
Release 1973-04-15
Pages 444
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This book makes available to English-speaking students a work that in the original German has achieved the status of a theological classic. This revised edition contains the extensive changes prepared by the author before his death. The introduction has been largely rewritten and the early chapters of the commentary have been reworked with equal thoroughness. Parts 1 and 2 have been entirely reset, and minor alterations have been made in part 3. Professor von Rad has utilized the results of literary criticism and form criticism in producing a commentary that is exegetical, historical, and above all, theological. In every phase of the panoramic pageant the reader sees the God of Israel reaffirming the terms of his covenant and working out his great historical purposes in spite of, and even through, the disobedient acts of willful, headstrong men. - Jacket flap.

On Genesis

On Genesis Author Saint Augustine
ISBN-10 9780813211848
Release 2010-04
Pages 211
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No description available

Genesis with an Introduction to Narrative Literature

Genesis  with an Introduction to Narrative Literature Author George W. Coats
ISBN-10 0802819540
Release 1983
Pages 322
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In the introduction to this volume, George Coats discusses narrative in general and the principal Old Testament narratives in particular. He then sets the book of Genesis in its larger Old Testament context, analyzing its major sections and subsections. Each of the succeeding chapters treats one of the major sections. A bibliography heads each chapter, and a shorter bibliography of relevant works appears at the end of each unit. The book concludes with genre and formula files, which list all the relevant genres and formulas and the texts in which they occur.


Genesis Author Frederick Turner
ISBN-10 9780983300229
Release 2012-01
Pages 366
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Originally published in 1988, Genesis was the first major work of fiction that addressed the idea of terraforming Mars. It not only suggested the idea, but provided a feasible solution for doing so. During its initial publication, Genesis was on the list of recommended reading at NASA, and has since gone on to enjoy cult status. Its acknowledged list of admirers includes such literary luminaries as Brian Aldiss, Amy Clampitt, Arthur C. Clarke, Thomas M. Disch, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Pulitzer Prize winning poet, James Merrill. It is with great pride that Ilium Press brings this influential and prescient work back into print.


Genesis Author Ruben Christopher
ISBN-10 9781424160228
Release 2007-09
Pages 188
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In a small town in Virginia, a terrible and unimaginable accident occurs at a secret government research facility. A deadly virus is released into the air upon the unsuspecting residents of the town. The residents of this typical American town are transformed into horribly disfigured flesh-eating and mindless mutants. What was once a sunny slice of southern American heaven is transformed in minutes into a dark vision of hell. When darkness falls, chaos ensues as the residents struggle with their humanity as they are being transformed into something not humana].

The Book of Genesis Chapters 1 17

The Book of Genesis  Chapters 1   17 Author
ISBN-10 0802825214
Release 1995
Pages 522
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The Book of Genesis Chapters 1 17 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Book of Genesis Chapters 1 17 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Book of Genesis Chapters 1 17 book for free.


Genesis Author
ISBN-10 9789004155527
Release 2007
Pages 468
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The first English language commentary on the Greek Genesis, LXX Genesis: A Commentary includes an English translation of the text of Codex Alexandrinus and provides insight into the theological, philological, and sociological issues that abound in the book of Genesis.

The Genesis of Young Ottoman Thought

The Genesis of Young Ottoman Thought Author Şerif Mardin
ISBN-10 0815628617
Release 2000
Pages 456
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Extensively documented and updated since its first publication in 1962, this volume provides a detailed study of the men and events that have shaped Turkey's modern political ideologies.