Essentials of Food Science

Essentials of Food Science Author Vickie A. Vaclavik
ISBN-10 9781461491385
Release 2013-12-05
Pages 495
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The fourth edition of this classic text continues to use a multidisciplinary approach to expose the non-major food science student to the physical and chemical composition of foods. Additionally, food preparation and processing, food safety, food chemistry, and food technology applications are discussed in this single source of information. The book begins with an Introduction to Food Components, Quality and Water. Next, it addresses Carbohydrates in Food, Starches, Pectins and Gums. Grains: Cereals, Flour, Rice and Pasta, and Vegetables and Fruits follow. Proteins in Food, Meat, Poultry, Fish, and Dry Beans; Eggs and Egg Products, Milk and Milk Products as well as Fats and Oil Products, Food Emulsions and Foams are covered. Next, Sugar, Sweeteners, and Confections and a chapter on Baked Products Batters and Dough is presented. A new section entitled Aspects of Food Processing covers information on Food Preservation, Food Additives, and Food Packaging. Food Safety and Government Regulation of the Food Supply and Labeling are also discussed in this text. As appropriate, each chapter discusses the nutritive value and safety issues of the highlighted commodity. The USDA My Plate is utilized throughout the chapters. A Conclusion, Glossary and further References as well as Bibliography are included in each chapter. Appendices at the end of the book include a variety of current topics such as Biotechnology, Functional Foods, Nutraceuticals, Phytochemicals, Medical Foods, USDA, Food Label Health Claims, Research Chefs Association certification, Human Nutrigenomics and New Product Development.

Essentials of Food Science

Essentials of Food Science Author Vickie Vaclavik
ISBN-10 0387699406
Release 2007-12-03
Pages 572
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Essentials of Food Science covers the basics of foods, food science, and food technology. The book is meant for the non-major intro course, whether taught in the food science or nutrition/dietetics department. In previous editions the book was organized around the USDA Food Pyramid which has been replaced. The revised pyramid will now be mentioned in appropriate chapters only. Other updates include new photos, website references, and culinary alerts for culinary and food preparation students. Two added topics include RFID (Radio frequency ID) tags, and trans fat disclosures. Includes updates on: food commodities, optimizing quality, laws, and food safety.

Essentials of Food Science

Essentials of Food Science Author Vickie A. ; Christian Vaclavik (Elizabeth W.)
ISBN-10 0387517871
Release 2008
Pages 592
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Essentials of Food Science has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Essentials of Food Science also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Essentials of Food Science book for free.

Essentials of Food Sanitation

Essentials of Food Sanitation Author Norman Marriott
ISBN-10 9781461560456
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 344
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An Aspen Food Science Text Series Book. All of the essential information that you have come to rely on in the widely-acclaimed 'Principles of Food Sanitation' by Norman G. Marriott is now available to you in a simplified, practical, and updated format. Providing a step-by-step, hands-on approach, this incomparable text offers useful and interesting information on food sanitation at all stages of food processing and food service and stresses how important the role of each employee is at each stage. Essentials of Food Sanitation covers a wide variety of topics from cleaning and sanitizing compounds, systems and equipment to food sanitation in various types of food processing such as dairy products, seafood, meat and poultry, etc. Each chapter provides food handlers and students with interesting real-life reports of recent food sanitation problems plus different techniques to ensure firm understanding of the subject, including: visual aides; a comprehensive glossary; several summaries, study questions; references; chapter bibliographies; a resource section on how to learn more about the topic; and case studies. A thorough discussion of HACCP and how a HACCP system relates to quality assurance and sanitation functions is also outlined in the text. Furthermore, expanded material on foodservice, including the methods and principles for sanitary food handling and considerations at various control points inthe flow of foodservice is provided.

Essentials of Food Microbiology

Essentials of Food Microbiology Author John Garbutt
ISBN-10 0340677015
Release 1997-03-28
Pages 288
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Essentials of Food Microbiology will be an invaluable text for students following courses in food science, food technology and other food related subjects for which a knowledge of food microbiology is required. This book assumes no prior knowledge of microbiology and treats any microbiological principles within a food context. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject and will be a useful resource for anyone with an interest in food and food safety.

Essentials of Thermal Processing

Essentials of Thermal Processing Author Gary S. Tucker
ISBN-10 9781444348033
Release 2011-06-09
Pages 288
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Thermal processing remains the most important method of food preservation in use today, and the scale of the industry is immense. The large scale of these production operations makes it more important than ever that the process is performed perfectly every time: failure will lead to product deterioration and loss of sales at best, and at worst to serious illness or death. This volume is a definitive modern-day reference for all those involved in thermal processing. It covers all of the essential information regarding the preservation of food products by heat. It includes all types of food product, from those high in acid and given a mild heat process to the low-acid sterilised foods that require a full botulinum cook. Different chapters deal with the manufacturing steps from raw material microbiology, through various processing regimes, validation methods, packaging, incubation testing and spoilage incidents. The authors have extensive knowledge of heat preservation covering all parts of the world and represent organisations with formidable reputations in this field. This book is an essential resource for all scientists and technologists in the food manufacturing industry as well as researchers and students of food science and technology.

Essentials of Sports Nutrition and Supplements

Essentials of Sports Nutrition and Supplements Author Jose Antonio
ISBN-10 1597453021
Release 2009-02-11
Pages 691
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This volume is a comprehensive textbook for the undergraduate course in sports nutrition. Focusing on exercise physiology, this text is to be used in a certification course sponsored by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN).

Essentials of Food Process Engineering

Essentials of Food Process Engineering Author Chandra Gopala Rao
ISBN-10 1439803102
Release 2009-02-27
Pages 380
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Essentials of Food Process Engineering provides basics and fundamentals of engineering subjects to students with a non-mathematical background who are perusing graduation and post-graduation career in Food Science and Engineering. This book is also useful as a handy refresher text for those involved in plant science and managers in the food processing and dairy industries. Beginning with engineering calculations, it covers the important topics like mass and energy balance, heat and mass transfer, psychrometry and refrigeration, etc., which are extensively used in Food Process Industry. A separate chapter on instruments for measurement of various parameters including measurement of food parameters is included.

Essentials Of Food Science

Essentials Of Food Science Author CTI Reviews
ISBN-10 9781467259026
Release 2016-10-16
Pages 378
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Facts101 is your complete guide to Essentials Of Food Science. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

Essentials Of Functional Foods

Essentials Of Functional Foods Author Mary K. Schmidl
ISBN-10 0834212617
Release 2000-06-30
Pages 395
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Providing overview, depth, and expertise, Essentials of Functional Foods is the key resource for all involved in the exciting and rapidly growing arena of functional foods. Every important aspect of functional foods and ingredients is covered, from technology, product groups, and nutrition, to safety, efficacy, and regulation. The editors and their expert contributors emphasize broadly based principles that apply to many functional foods. This book is essential reading for food scientists, researchers, and professionals who are developing, researching, or working with functional foods and ingredients in the food, drug, and dietary supplement industry.

Essentials of Food Safety and Sanitation

Essentials of Food Safety and Sanitation Author David Zachary McSwane
ISBN-10 0131272764
Release 2006
Pages 268
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Essentials of Food Safety and Sanitation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Essentials of Food Safety and Sanitation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Essentials of Food Safety and Sanitation book for free.

Essentials of Human Nutrition

Essentials of Human Nutrition Author Stewart Truswell
ISBN-10 9780198752981
Release 2017-04-13
Pages 744
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Food is one of the basic necessities of life, yet nutrition has only relatively recently been recognised as one of the most important determinants of individual and public health. A full understanding of this multi-faceted subject area requires an integrated approach, from molecular to societal level. Essentials of Human Nutrition provides a complete and student-friendly introduction to the field making it an ideal companion forstudents throughout their study of nutrition. Careful editing of contributions from an international team of experts draws together a broad spectrum of disciplines and promotes the practical application ofnutritional science at the human level, covering everything a student needs to know in order to understand the importance of nutrition to health and disease.

Rheology Essentials of Cosmetic and Food Emulsions

Rheology Essentials of Cosmetic and Food Emulsions Author Rüdiger Brummer
ISBN-10 9783540290872
Release 2006-05-27
Pages 180
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Cosmetic emulsions exist today in many forms for a wide variety of applications, including face and hand creams for normal, dry or oily skin, body milks and lotions, as well as sun-block products. Keeping track of them and their properties is not always easy despite informative product names or partial names (e.g. hand or face cream) that clearly indicate their use and properties. This practical manual provides a detailed overview that describes the key properties and explains how to measure them using modern techniques. Written by an expert in flows and flow properties, it focuses on the application of rheological (flow) measurements to cosmetic and food emulsions and the correlation of these results with findings from other tests. Beginning with a brief history of rheology and some fundamental principles, the manual describes in detail the use of modern viscometers and rheometers, including concise explanations of the different available instruments. But the focus remains on practical everyday lab procedures: how to characterize cosmetic and food emulsions with different rheological tests such as temperature, time, stress and strain, both static and dynamic. Also the critical topic of how the results correlate with other important product characteristics, for instance, skin sensation, pumping performance, stability etc. is carefully explored. Many pictures, illustrations, graphs and tables help readers new to the measurement of cosmetic emulsions in their daily work as well as to the more experienced who seek additional special tips and tricks.

Essentials of Terror Medicine

Essentials of Terror Medicine Author Shmuel Shapira
ISBN-10 9780387094120
Release 2008-12-05
Pages 452
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A new field of medicine has emerged as a result of the global proliferation of terrorism. Terror medicine is related to emergency and disaster medicine but focuses on the constellation of medical issues uniquely related to terrorist attacks. The field encompasses four broad areas: preparedness, incident management, mechanisms of injuries and responses, and psychological consequences. In Essentials of Terror Medicine, these core concerns are addressed by a distinguished international authorship brought together by the three editors of this volume, who themselves are recognized experts in relevant disciplines: Shmuel Shapira, epidemiology and hospital administration; Jeffrey Hammond, trauma surgery and emergency response; Leonard Cole, bioterrorism and public policy. Essentials of Terror Medicine provides insightful and practical information for physicians, nurses, emergency responders, and other health professionals who may be called to service during or after a terror incident. It is indispensable reading for the medical community of the 21st century, in which diligence, continued education, and careful preparation for a variety of possible events are a preeminent responsibility.

Essentials Of Environmental Toxicology

Essentials Of Environmental Toxicology Author William Hughes
ISBN-10 9780203362792
Release 2003-09-02
Pages 176
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This introductory text addresses the principles and mechanisms of toxicology as applied to environmentally-encountered toxic agents. Each chapter concludes with review questions that may be used for student self-testing and topics covered include dose response, hazards and risk assessment, determination of toxicity, pesticides, metals, plastics, organic solvents, environmental carcinogens, teratogens and mutagens.

Essentials of Carbohydrate Chemistry

Essentials of Carbohydrate Chemistry Author John F. Robyt
ISBN-10 9781461216223
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 399
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This is the first broad treatment of carbohydrate chemistry in many years, and presents the structures, reactions, modifications, and properties of carbohydrates. Woven throughout the text are discussions of biological properties of carbohydrates, their industrial applications, and the history of the field of carbohydrate chemistry. Written for students as well as practising scientists, this textbook and handy reference will be of interest to a wide range of disciplines: biochemistry, chemistry, food and nutrition, microbiology, pharmacology, and medicine.

Essentials of the Microbiology of Foods

Essentials of the Microbiology of Foods Author David A. A. Mossel
ISBN-10 0471930369
Release 1996-01-16
Pages 736
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Utilizing an up-to-date, aggressive approach to the ecological aspects of food microbiology, this timely publication presents basic requirements essential for the assurance and assessment of microbiological safety, quality and acceptability of foods. Every fact, theory and concept found in the leading literature on this subject has been critically reviewed. The results are presented in a clear condensed format. The essentials of microbiology, microbial taxonomy and physiology are thoroughly covered. The text focuses on the importance of human behavior including the motivation of staff in both catering establishments and the food industry and offers advice on how to allay the general public's reservations about food processing safety. Examines food-borne disease, food spoilage, drinking water and current methods used to prevent such occurrences by creating, applying and verifying excellent manufacturing practices.